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Creation is an immensely joyful human endeavor. There is just so much intrinsic joy, especially when it comes to software projects. The sheer audacity of translating pure abstract stuff of mind into a code/system/application that brings delight to the customer is a deeply rewarding process.

What I like about being a manager is the latitude in how many avenues I can pursue value creation in business - hiring, software development, project management, people management, release prioritization, quality control, contract negotiation, product management, budget planning, partner relations, product operations, technical documentation, sales enablement, customer obsession, talent calibration, and so much more. While many of these activities have a long range ROI, the constant joy that I experience in leveraging my skills and organizational machinery to deliver exceptional business results is deeply rewarding.

A 10x engineer is not necessarily 10 times more productive — they are just “next level” better engineers who in some contexts are 1.5x and sometimes 100x better, depending on the difficulty of the task and leverage of the outcome. Likewise, I define a 10x manager to be a management professional who looks at a broader spectrum of business challenges, identifies areas to increase leverage and drives maximization of value creation through his/her intentional efforts.

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Over time I will be documenting my learnings, a ton of (anonymized) stories from my experience, perspective on modern day high tech software management with a focus on maximizing business value creation. I would also share some of the “unpopular” choices I’ve made, some “less obvious” decisions I’ve made, some “lucky” breaks I’ve caught, some “growth” experiences I’ve endured, some of the dilemmas I've wrestled, some of the best advice I've ever received, some of the most “unfiltered” feedback given to me, some of the “battle scars” I've sustained, career considerations, customer success stories, conversations with various industry experts, and portraits of simply amazing individuals - all in an effort to subject my ideas and my skills for a healthy debate and a critical cross-examination towards the pursuit of becoming a 10x manager.

While this blog (aka newsletter) is written for fellow managers, I believe anyone working on software industry may find something of value here or something to critique.

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